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Consider the following grammarsG1 and G2

G1: S→ aS | ε

G2: S→Sa | ε

Select the correct option.


G1 and G2 generate different parse tree for all strings.



L(G1) ≠ L(G2).



G1 is LR(0) while G2 is not LR(0)



G2 is LR(0) while G1 is not LR(0)

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1 is false, the empty string has the same parse tree.
2 is false, since only the direction of recursion is changing, and nothing else.

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$A) \  \text{False} $ as $G_1$ and $G_2$ both have same trees for $\large \epsilon$

$B) \ \text{False}  $ both $G_1$ and $G_2$ produce the same result.

$C) \ \text{False} \ $ Intital state contains $S \rightarrow \  .$ and this production in table will be in every column (action) which will be in conflict with in column of terminal $a$ where $S \rightarrow aS$ is placed.

$D) \ \text{True}$
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Will D) not contain reduce reduce conflict?
Which state which column?
In 1st state, I mean $I_{0}$
There is only 1 reduce move how you are getting conflicts?
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