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How many total processes will be spawned after executing following program?

int main()


fork() || fork() && fork() ;


I am getting 5...please someone verify..

But Here it is given 7

My attempt—

Each leaf node corresponds to a process

I firstly performed && then | | and applied some greedy rules as—

In A&&B if A=0 then B will not be evaluated and results in 0

In A||B if A=1 then B will not be evaluated and results 1.

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I do according to precedence of operators ..

==> fork() || (fork()&&fork())

 yes i understand but please comment your solution.

Sir, i edited question and added my attept..(image added)

why you first executed && ? 

&& is having higher precedence  and fork() || (fork() && fork()) will execute left to right and leftmost fork will execute first.

similarly while executing a || (b * c), a is read first but then total completion of (b*c) is executed first then result of or is executed. (ignoring short-circuiting) 

We will see associativity, if operators are of same precedence..

Here precedence are different so first && then ||

create a tree of the same you will find && at the bottom and parse the tree from left to right, you will understand how leftmost fork is executed first.

similarly while executing a || (b * c), a is read first but then total completion of (b*c) is executed first then result of or is executed. (ignoring short-circuiting)

a is true then b*c never executed. Short circuit rule can't ignorable.


 i wrote (ignoring short circuiting) because there is no guarantee of  b*c being executed, i was trying to explain him that a will execute first, ofcourse in every question we will consider short circuiting.


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