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What is the meaning of symmetric relations are closed under complementation ..?Please cite an example..
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If a relation satisfying symmetric means,

(a,b) and (b,a) either both are present or both are present.

Let if the case both are present, then complement doesn't have both...

Vice versa Also..
its not closed then ??
Didn't you get what i said?
now i got it if we do the complement of  (a,b) (b,a) which is symmetric it will not be having  (a,b) (b,a) and this relation is also symmetric right ?so its closed
here's what i got
if (a,b) (b,a) are present then the complement won't be having both and if they are absent it will be having both so it should not be closed right ?

it will not be having  (a,b) (b,a) and this relation is also symmetric right ?so its closed


thanks a lot :)

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