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Consider the following set of instructions executed for a program to be accomplish.

How many number of anti data dependency and true data dependency in the above instructions?


Can anyone give the answer and solution for how many RAW dependency is there?

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Should be 6 RAW dependencies, imo.


I am getting 5. See where I am going wrong.







I think you might be getting $i5-i2$ also ?


@Kushagra गुप्ता

Yes, I5-I2 should also be one.

I follow this:

"Adjacency is not relevant for determining Read-After-Write dependences. You simply list all the instructions where one of the source registers reads the value produced by some previous instruction."


Yes, it was a doubt to me also but after going through previous year questions and referring to best answers I decided to stick to that.

See this :

Have you gone through any other source as I was solving data-dependencies "tag" questions and I have found out that we should not consider that.

I can't guarantee you that but I couldn't find any valid book reference to prove my point as it is no where mentioned even in standard books

Yes I have read that.

And sir has written it :

But in none of the standard references nor dependency outputting software that is output and so you should not count it in GATE also.

yeah only $5$ RAW dependencies

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RAW- 5

WAR- 2
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