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Consider a cache memory which is 30 times faster than main memory and it can be used 90% of the time. Speed up gained by the cache memory is ____.
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Actually here the question is not related to hierarchial or sequential access. They have just given 2 independent memories and how we are using them.

Hamacher book. They considered miss penalty to include the cache access time. I am really confused. If you just put numbers in formula I suppose we can get 7.5. But it doesn't sound logical. Why would they consider two separate memories and then name them 'Main memory' and 'cache'?

Yes you are right. I also followed that concept only at first. They have not framed the question properly.

What definition of miss penalty you are following--

1)Extra time required to load block from main memory to cache when miss occurs.

One which Arjun Sir followed in below question-



2)Time required to access data when miss occurs.(This is given in Hamacher)


Confusion is do we consider cache access time in miss penalty itself?

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