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Let the size of congestion window of TCP connection be 38 KB when a timeout occurs. The propagation time of the connection is 100 msec and the maximum segment size used is 2 KB. The time taken (in sec) by the TCP connection to get back to 37 KB congestion window is ______

What is the correct answer for above question?
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I'm getting 14 RTTs - so 1400ms, using the discussion and method established by What is your answer ?

There was a lot of discussion between 1100 and 1200 in that 2014 case. The official answer key was then given as a range of 1100-1300. 


Even i am getting 14 RTT.

1 RTT = 200ms

so answer should be according to me 14*200 = 2800 ms = 2.8 ms.

But the answer provided by made easy is different and their solution is quite different.

See the solution below provided by them,

I'd love to know how they went from 16 to 19. Only way for that is 16KB + 2KB + 1KB, i.e., they've reduced the MSS itself from 2KB to 1KB.

Based on all the examples, literature and references I've seen - the MSS is kept constant, what is changed is the window size.
Yes u are right shashin.
but they are not reducing MSS they are just sending less data in a segment which must be allowed .

correct me if i am wrong

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