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The virtual address generated by a CPU is 32 bits. The Translation Look-aside Buffer (TLB) can hold total 64 page table entries and a 4-way set associative (i.e. with 4- cache lines in the set). The page size is 4 KB. The minimum size of TLB tag is

(A) 12 bits

(B) 15 bits

(C) 16 bits

(D) 20 bits
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as you have mentioned earlier that the number of bits required to represent TLB depends on the number of entries.

So here shouldn't the TLB tag be of size $6bits$ as we have $64$ $entries?$

You're forgetting the fact that TLB is pretty much a cache, and set associativity applies here too.

Number of sets $= \frac{number of lines}{associativity} = \frac{64}{4} = 16 \implies 4$ bits to represent a set.
Now think of the TLB tag if there was no set associativity concept.

TLB tag bits = page indexing bits

i.e. no of TLB tag bits $= VAS - page\:offset =  32-12 = 20$ bits

Now 20 bits to address a TLB entry. Of these, 4 bits are taken to identify a set. What remains is the tag bits.

i.e. $20 - 4 = 16$ bits for the tag.

There is absolutely no need to get confused. Whatever rules and logic apply for a cache, apply for the TLB too. Including the concept of associativity and tags.

number of bits required to represent TLB depends on the number of entries

This is true in case of a direct-mapped TLB, exactly the same as a direct-mapped cache. If associativity is mentioned, you need to consider that, exactly like you would for a set-associative cache.



Can you help me understand segmented paging and how to solve sums on it?

Do you have any resources for that?

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The answer is option C.

since TLB is also like a cache memory, so the same concept can be applied here.

Virtual address is 32 bits and page size is 4KB i.e 12 bits.

so, 32 - 12 = 20 bits remaining for tag and number of sets.

Question says TLB has 64 entries , Number of sets  = Number of entries/associativity

                                                                                   = 64/4 = 16.

so 4 bits for cache sets.

Therefore number of bits in tag field = 32-(12+4) = 16bits.

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