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Someone plz solve the doubt for this question

Why ans is not 2?

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Why would it be 2 ?

Standard definition of GOTO(I, X) for LR(0) (Aho-Ullman) is: 

Based on your reasoning, how many entries should the GOTO in this example have ?

Question is clearly asking what is the return (output) of the standard GOTO function.
Question is NOT asking you about the goto/action entries of hte LR(0) parse table.

If you are familiar with the standard texts - you would recognize the GOTO (I, X) syntax.



thank you.

Can u then plz. tell me, For same question, what is number of items for 'Action'??

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why di you think answer should be 2 as I0 on < will produce S-> <.L>   due to which we will take closure of L which will produce L-> .L,S/.S and due to  .S we will take closure of S which will further produce S-> .<L>/.id . Hence total 5 items.
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