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Is $>>=$ a single tocken or 2 tockens?

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Both += and >>= are single operators - they fall under the category of compound assignment operators - - clearly says they are included in both C and C++, so there should be no debate.

For this reason, I will say there are single token.

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Will create syntax error right?
(As Val gets replaced by 10 bcz of macro)
Yes. It will complain that it cannot assign to a literal, or that it needs an expression with a memory address.


Is #define part count as token?

I mean macro or stdio part

afaik, #define, #include and '\' doesn't. typedef does.
Correct. For more details - please read up on preprocessor directives and in which stage of compilation they are evaluated. Typedef, iirc , is considered a synonym for a type and is evaluated during syntax analysis (I might be wrong on this) - but its counted towards a token.


One thing that bothers me, should we really ignore #defines tho?


#define if if(rand() % 256)if

int main(){
    int a = 4;
    if(a == 4){

tokens here?!!

Not sure - try out on and see how it evaluates. My understanding is that regardless of what's in the #define, the preprocessor just replaces it in the code before handing it to the compiler proper. Remember that compilers have a lot of different flavors, and aren't necessarily smart enough to properly interpret preprocessor directives.

I haven't dug that deep into the working of the C compiler tbh :)
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