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Memory cycle for immediate mode should be 0 is it correct?

Consider 1GHz clock frequency processor,uses different operand accessing models shown below:

Operand Accessing ModeFrequency(%)
Memory Indirect20
Assume that 2 memory cycles consumed for memory reference ,3 cycles consumed for arithmetic computation and 1 cycle consumed when the operand is in register(s) instruction itself . The average operand fetch rate (in millions words/sec) of processor is __________ (upto 2 to decimal places)


Answer 370.37?

Please check above questions

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Please type out your question/concern fully here - it is not polite to expect folks to go to 2-3 different links just to understand the question. Using links to provide source of information or examples is fine.

You can at least summarize what is given in those links and why you have a doubt/concern with it..

Ok I am really sorry

@shashin please check 

my doubt in given questions memory clock cycle for immediate addressing mode  any type whether memory reference,alu, register is 0 is it correct ?

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