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 Each of the letters arranged as below represents a unique from 1 to 9. The letters are positioned in the figure such that 
(A X B X C), (B X G X E), and (D X E X F) are equal. Which integer among the following choices cannote be represented by the letters A,B,C,D,E,F or G?
a) 4         b) 5
c) 6         d) 9
Any tricks or any way to approach such questions??        X is multiply here!                           

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It will be 5.

Say 5 is included in any of the 3 triplets. Then the product of that triplet will necessarily end with 5 or 0 (obviously a multiple of 5).

Now, think - it is given that the product of the 3 triplets are equal. If 5 is included in one of the triplets - then the product of the other 2 triplets also has to end with 0 or 5 (to be a multiple of 5). This is impossible with the unique numbers 1-9, when 5 is already taken.

I just stressed on "ending with 0 or 5" to make it simple, but the accurate statement is "there is no way to form a multiple of 5 with the remaining numbers"

The odd one out in such problems will mostly be the prime number. 


and all that time I wasted in combinations!!
thanks  @shashin thats the best way to do it!

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