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For a class C network if IP address of a computer is and subnet mask is, the decimal value of the last octet of last host of sixth subnet is ____?
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I think it should be 11011110=222, isnot it?? GATE also follow it.


@shashin @Pratyush Priyam Kuan

chk this

fourth octet taken as 100, isnot it??

@sreshta - it is my humble request to you, to please not compare unrelated questions and attempt to learn concepts by cross-referencing. It is a very dangerous thing to do - and other readers will also pick up wrong concepts.

That question that you have linked - it is related to CIDR. It is clearly given that the network mask is 27 bits, they're asking you to find the last host. They are NOT asking you to figure out last-subnet/first-subnet, etc. They are saying very clearly first 27 bits are already set for NID, with the remaining 5 bits - what is the last host.

In this question - it is state that the network is class C, and there are 3 bits to subnet. And you are asked to identify what is the 6th subnet. It is very, very different to that problem.

In that problem all 27 of NID bits are fixed

The answer in ME was given as 222. But I also feel that 190 is the answer.

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