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Q: In a sports academy of 300 people, 105 play only cricket, 70 play only hockey, 50 play only football. 25 play both cricket and hockey, 15 play both hockey and football and 30 play both cricket and football. The rest of them play all three sports. What is the percentage of people who play at least two sports?

We can find out the people who play at least two sports by doing 300 – (105+70+50), which gives us the answer as 75/300.

But my doubt is – when they say 25 play both cricket and hockey, do they mean that they play ONLY cricket and hockey? Because otherwise, this will also include people who play all the three sports and with that logic, we’ll get the data as:

Only Cricket AND Hockey = 20, Only Cricket and Football = 25, Only Football and Hockey = 10, All three = 5.

So adding them up, we get 60/300, which doesn’t match with any option.

So am I interpreting it incorrectly, or is the question ambiguous? 

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@shashin Could you please help?

I think you're interpreting it right.

The rest of them play all three sports

This line gives it away. They're explicitly stating that the quantum of people playing all three is separate from the ones enumerated before. So you should be safe in interpeting that "cricket and hockey" means only those two..

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