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Hi Everyone , This post need some serious and genuine suggestion please have a look and help me . I am really tensed. I attempted gate first times in 2019while doing job in mnc and got 46 marks and 3330 rank then I got some confidence as I was not serious this time just gave it but for 2020 I was too much serious and studied hard but didn't get expected marks as it is only 51 . Now I want to leave the job and go for full time gate preparation as I can't live now without cracking gate with good rank . Now the problem is I know made easy is good but I am living in Bangalore and like the weather environment etc. And made easy is not here . From 10 hours I am searching for good coaching center in Bangalore for Cse not able to get it. Those who cracked the gate exam with good score can you please tell me is there anyway to crack it or any coaching center in Bangalore ?? I am worried and this time I want gate 2021 with good rank
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You got 51 still you need coaching
yes @ram swaroop as i don't want to take any risk further.

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