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In mtech cse IIT Guwahati form, I am not able to write score in SCORE check box? is it same for everyone, please let me know if it works for anyone, thanks.
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Don't worry, Rajat. It is the same for everyone. Students have mailed IIT-Guwahati. They have replied that they will make corrections in the form. Just keep checking periodically (once daily).
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Problem solved by IITG . NOW u can fill ur gatescore.
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I don't have 4th yr original marksheet .but i have degree and all 3 yrs marksheet.?

Can i use internet copy to upload on IITG portal.. please someone tell.?
I think you could upload the internet copy but make sure it is attested by your college .
Yes is attested by college i will update the same.
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