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can i take an id input as 5372A623Z with number data type
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Token consists of <Token class,lexeme>

One of the Token class is identifier. And it's lexeme must matched with Pattern.

Pattern for identifier is

Identifier = (letter)(letter | digit)*

Rules for naming identifiers

  1. A valid identifier can have letters (both uppercase and lowercase letters), digits and underscores.
  2. The first letter of an identifier should be either a letter or an underscore.
  3. You cannot use keywords as identifiers.
  4. There is no rule on how long an identifier can be. However, you may run into problems in some compilers if the identifier is longer than 31 characters.

Now we can say 5372A623Z is not an id 

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he's asking in context of databases (SQL) maybe because he tagged it as #databases?

Since the question is unclear anyways, I think he meant to ask something like 

    id NUMERIC,
    name VARCHAR(30)

INSERT INTO bruh(id,name) VALUES ('13DY2019F', 'bruh_name');

which shouldn't be possible. 

may be.
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