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Consider a system using 2 level paging applicable.The page table has divided into 2K pages and each page is having 4K entries.The memory is word addressable and PAS ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​=64MW which is divided into 16k frames.The page table entry size in both the table is 2W.


  • Length of LA
  • Length of PA
  • 1st level page table size
  • 2nd level page table size


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Is the answer to $1$ and $2$ is $23$ and $26\ ?$


Length of LA and PA is 35 and 26 respectively.

  • My question is what does it mean "each page having 4k entries?
  • How to calculate inner page table size (page table of process) after outer page table size is calculated?

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