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What will be the language generated by the following grammar ?

S → 0S1S / 1S0S/E

P.S. – E is Epsilon
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Each production on right hand side generates either $2$ alphabets or an epsilon,

Further more, for each production there's always $1$ generated for every $0$ we generate, and vice versa.

So the language accepted by the grammar should be

$L(G)  = \{w | w \in \{0,1\}^*, n_0(w) = n_1(w) \}$


$n_0 = $ number of occurances of $0$ in $w$.  

$n_1 = $ number of occurances of $1$ in $w$.

So, in poor terms, it's a language of equal number of zeros and ones.
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Can you help me by drawing it's parse tree ? @toxicdesire
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