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Given is a Regular Expression,


If we want ot generate strings from this regular language , then while generating a string do we need to keep value of * same for a string or can we change it for every digit in the regular expression.

For eg-

Given RE is 0*(10*)*

when we are generating a string say 0^2(1 0^2)^2 , So my question is that whether these values of * should be same in every string or can they be changed like 0^4(1 0^3)^6 in a string . Please answer this since, I am finding it difficult to solve these type of questions.


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k* means any number of zero including NULL ( zero k's)

and you can have any combination you want.

you can just keep expanding 0*, keeping everything else unitary

ex: 0(10) , 00(10),000(10), 0000(10) ..

or, 00(100), 00(100)..

or, 0(111111111),

or simply 0, 00, 000, 0000, 00000

they all are stings from this R.E

hope you get what you have asked.

(No, you don't need to keep the value of * same)
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