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Consider the type addressable memory unit of a computer has 64 K words of 16 bit each. The computer has an instruction format with 4 fields namely opcode, mode field specify 9-addressing modes, register address field with 50 registers and a memory address field. If an instruction is 32 bits long then the number of different instructions are _____.
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Nope, answer is 32. I'm not getting why did they took 17 bits for memory address field?
oh, yes, it will be 32


Calculation mistake occurred.

Hope you got it now.

Yes, I got it. Thank you. :)

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I think 64  

no of bits required for opcode=32-(4+6+16)=6

(16  bits memory address field as there are 64k words)

so no of different instruction=2^6=64

is it 64?
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Nope, answer is 32. I'm not getting why did they took 17 bits for memory address field?
word size=16 bit=2 Bytes

64k words=64k*2 Bytes=128KB

so,memory address field requires 17 bit
Thank you so much for the clairfication. :)
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