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Consider the following schedule: SCHEDULE: r1(P), w2(P), r3(P), r1(Q), r4(R), w2(Q), r1(S), w3(S), r4(S), w4(Q), w5(Q), w5(R) Is this given schedule conflict serializable? If yes, prepare a precedence graph and write the order of execution for transactions.
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T1 → T2 → T3 → T4 → T5

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The precedence graph for the schedule is as follows:

As there are no cycles in the graph. Hence this is a conflict-serializable(CSR) schedule.

There is a very decent site that can be used to create a precedence graph online. Along with that, it will provide you the information about the schedule whether it is recoverable, cascade-less, or conflict serializable or not.

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