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Why option A is wrong?



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$->$ operator is used to access any member of an object using the pointer of that object and $.$ (dot) operator is used to access any member of an object from using the object itself. For example, if $x$ is member of object $o$, then $o.x$ is same as $(\& o)\ – >x$ and both ways are valid to access the member $x$ of object $o$, but $(\&o).x$ is invalid because $(\&o)$ is a pointer, as well as $o\ ->x$ is also invalid because $o$ is not a pointer.

For the given definition of $struct\ plist$, member $pt$ is of type $P$ and not $P\ *$, hence to access any member of $pt$ , dot operator will be used. Hence $head\ -> P.X$ is valid and  $head\ -> P\ ->X$ is invalid.
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Thanks brother for clearing the doubt.
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