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Here as well as in Korth it is mentioned that , for EACH MULTIVALUED ATTRIBUTE we make separate table. But in many places it is said that all the multivalued attributes combiningly require only one table. This link has the same question but there it is said that both cases are possible. Here is a lot of confusion in discussion. 

Some questions related to this have no chosen answer and so difficult to rely upon:- Here in the best answer , FDs have been assumed from information that A11 is key. But without explicit mention of FDs how can we answer such question. I mean they have just said that A11 is key, so we know these FDS are there:- A11-->A12  A11-->A13 , But how do we know there arent any other FD like A12-->A13. Because if there is A12-->A13 then 3 tables wont be enough for 3NF

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