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Whether the given schedule is serializable or not?

The given schedule is clearly not conflict serializable as precedence graph contains cycle..

But will it be view serializable or not??

I used 

For View Equivalence:

(1) If transaction Ti reads initial value of any data item X in one schedule it must do the same in all the equivalent schedules.

(2) If transaction Ti writes the final value of any data item X in one schedule, it must do the same in all the view-equivalent schedules. 

(3) If transaction Ti reads data item X written by transaction Tj, it must do the same in all the view equivalent schedules.

And if we compare given schedule with T1-T3-T2 schedule all conditions getting satisfied.. (if you got any violation then let me know)

But the given answer says it is not view serializable..

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bro i am not sure

but in schedule T1 T3 T2 we get two W(B)-R(B) pairs but in the original schedule we have just one W(B)-R(B) pair from T3 to T2
Yes.. that's the point of confusion
@verma what solution they gave?? can you share it.

Their solⁿ

solution seems incorrect because no matter what final write on B is always done by T3.

i think it is not VS because of the above reason i mentioned in my earlier comment.

@shaik Masthan sir could you please confirm the ans.

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