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Number of prime implicants given in answer is 5 but I think it should be 7 because we need to count the 2 more prime implicants which i have shown in red color. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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As per definition of prime implicants we need to cover every possible 1 and dont care(dont cares can be cosidered as 1 in finding SOP)

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Yes, What you said is correct. The No.of Prime Implicants should be 7, not 5.


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@sarathbaswa, i think prime implicants will be 7. Go through these links

If you figure out how to do this, plz let me know


See in the figure, 0000+0001 is counted as a prime implicant. In this prime implicant, there isnt any 1 which has not already covered, but still we are counting it as prime implicant. Similarly, in my question, the red highlighted by me should also be counted as prime implicants. So there should be total 7 prime implicants( 3 essential prime implicants and 4 non essential prime implicants) rather than 3 essential and 2 non essential.  So the statement is wrong.

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