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Which of the following programming techniques and structures are good for demand – paged environment?

  1. Stack
  2. Hashed symbol table
  3. Sequential search
  1. Both a and c
  2. Both a and b
  3. Only b
  4. Only a
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This question is directly copied from University of Washington’s assignment. Ans is a

Which of the following program techniques and structures are "good" for a demand-paged environment?


  1. Stack - Good. Memory is allocated and data is accessed in a sequential pattern, so we good locality for prefetching.


  2. Hashed symbol table - Bad. Each access can potentially go to any allocated page of the table.


  3. Sequential search - Good. Again, memory accesses are sequential.


  4. Binary search - Bad. Accesses are all over the place.


  5. Pure code (read-only code) - Good. Since code usually has good locality, prefetching will work well.


  6. Vector operations - Good. Operating on a whole array at a time will have lots of sequential accesses (up each element of the array.


  7. Indirection - Bad. The locality of the pointers in the code is betrayed since what they point to can be anywhere.
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