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A team of 30 men is supposed to do a work in 37 days . After 25 days , 5 more men were employed and the work was  finished 1 day earlier . How many days would it have been delayed if 5 more men were not employed?
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Was my answer not correct?
Answer given : 2

I think 2 is incorrect

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Suppose 1 man does $\frac{1}{m}$ of the total work in 1 day.

It took 30 men working for 25 days and 35 men work for 11 days to complete the work, i.e.

$$30\times 25\times \frac{1}{m} + 35\times 11\times \frac{1}{m} = 1$$


Suppose 30 men would’ve completed the job in x day,

i.e., $$30\times x\times \frac{1}{1135} = 1$$

$$x = \frac{1135}{30} = 37.833$$

So it would have took them nearly 38 days to complete the work on their own, and the delay would be 1 day.
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