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Given the following statements: 

S1: A foreign key declaration can always be replaced by an equivalent check  assertion in SQL. 

S2: Given the table R(a,b,c)R(a,b,c) where aa and bb together form the primary key, the following is a valid table definition. 

     a INTEGER, 
     d INTEGER, 
     e INTEGER, 
     PRIMARY KEY (d), 
     FOREIGN KEY (a) references R)

Which one of the following statements is CORRECT?

  1. S1 is TRUE and S2 is FALSE
  2. Both S1 and S2 are TRUE
  3. S1 is FALSE and S2 is TRUE
  4. Both S1 and S2 are FALSE

FOREIGN KEY (a) references R)   .

Does this line mean that it references the first attribute of R?

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