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Hello everyone,

I am currently final year student in tier 3 college, I paid moderate attention to my studies during my first 2 years so my aggregate CGPA is down to 6. I am interested in AL/ML domain but it's really hard to find job and I think if I will pursue masters (can't afford US so in India) then I will be able to learn more deeply about this domain and can get job at some good company. I am taking a year drop to prepare for GATE CSE and that's much about it.

I have gone through some online resources on how to prepare and all but still I can't get my mind around it. Can anyone tell me how to prepare for GATE CSE, what resources to study from and how should I manage my time (like when to start taking test series, how much time to each courses etc..).

I didn't know about Gateoverflow and I stumbled upon it while browsing and I read so much good stuff about it so please help me through this problem so I can prepare clearly. Thank you for reading!
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Check the major topics here, it’s old but you can look other topics easily. Try and also look for GO pdf (all the previous year papers compiled by topics), do that first. GO also has the schedule for GATE 2021 go check that out for some hints for future.

Good luck


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