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I have read rules of supernetting from a few sources and have got conflicting information.
this (3:20) , this and this say that the rules are:
1.All the Networks should be contiguous.
2.The block size of every networks should be equal and must be in form of 2^n.
3.First Network id should be exactly divisible by whole size of supernet

while this (pg-38) , this (pg-15) and this (pg-30) say that the rules are:
1.The number of blocks must be a power of 2 (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, ...)
2.The blocks must be contiguous in the address space (no gaps between the blocks).
3.The third byte of the first address in the superblock must be evenly divisible by the number of blocks. In other words, if the number of blocks is N, the third byte must be divisible by N.

The first set of rules talk about "block sizes" being in form of 2^n and first Net Id being divisible by "size of supernet". But the second set of rules talk about "number of blocks" being in power of 2 and first address being divisible by "number of blocks" in the supernet.
What is going wrong? Am I missing something?

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