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Hi friends, I am a GATE 2021 Aspirant.

My Gate exam didn’t go as expected.

I am planning of taking admission in Anna University(AU)/Madras Institute of Technology(MIT) both of them in Chennai.

They both accept Gate score in addition to their own exam for M.Tech admissions(TANCET).


But, there is no clear info about the previous year cut-off marks & which range of marks could get us a seat in M.Tech CSE at AU,MIT.

So,It would really be helpful, if any aspirant knows info regarding the previous years cut-off marks, which range of marks could get us a seat in M.Tech CSE at AU,MIT& about the review of how M.Tech CSE at AU,MIT would be.


Also, can anyone suggest me good resources to get the TANCET PYQ’s of recent years as I couldn’t get recent years pyq’s like 2020.2019 etc.


Thanks in advance.
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