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I got the Set-2 paper in GATE2021.
As all of you realize this year Set-2 was on the harder side.

According to the official answer-key, my marks were 28.
Checked with GO predictor (The most accurate one)




I hoped that as Set 2 was a bit tougher my marks would increase.
But keep aside the raise my marks were decreased to 27.77.




I do not understand how normalization works and I don't want to.

If marks don't increase  I can understand but,
It just does not make sense how a person with a difficult set has his marks reduced than the original. 

You need not be a professor at IIT to understand this. You can ask any person strolling out. He would most likely concur with me if he just has common sense.

Some of you may contend that with that 0.33 mark you would not land you in an IIT and I agree with you.
But just think what if I am correct? what if normalization was not according to reality?

Think briefly of an individual who had the capability of being in the top 100s and landed in the 300s  or 500s he/she just missed because he got set 2 don't you think this is unjust? His/Her dream of getting into  IISc and IITB just shattered.

My question is straightforward  "Why a person with difficult set marks are reduced?"

Issued in the public interest.
Please feel to correct me.


I hope Arjun sir will clear All of My doubts. You are the only hope.



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I do not understand how normalization works and I don't want to.


So what happened for a person with mark 28 in set 1?

Also are you asking why this reduction happened in official score but not on Pragys app? That happened for everyone in set 2 outside top 100. This could be due to 4-5 high scorers in set 2 (who didn't use Pragys app) causing normalization to go horrible. To say anything more I need to get mean+SD and top 0.1% marks of both the sets. At least we need to ensure that all variables used in the normalization formula are correct.

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