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My rank is 2560 with gate score of 571.

I don’t really care whether the course is MTech or MS(3 years).

Can I get admission even in any of the low-ranking IITs(Patna/Mandi)? What about MS/MTech at any IIITs ( hyd, bang,delhi) ?

Please reply
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It shows  “IIITH, IIITB, IIITD, BITS are better options”. Can I get any of these colleges with my rank? As much as I have read online, it's very unlikely.
The colleges which are mentioned under GREEN list are safe to apply. You can try colleges which are mentioned under BLUE list as they list better colleges.

AFAIK, IIITH and BITS have separate exams and selection into their colleges is independent of your performance in GATE exam.

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