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I want to pursue mtech in CSE branch also i don’t 1 more year Drop ,So Is there  Any chance of getting IIT TA/RA/MS calls??

if Yes,then Most probably which top iits should I apply in order to get calls
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May be the following links can help. 

  1. GATE cut off(w.r.t. rank & score) of top IITs/IISc/CMI/ISI :
  2. GATE 2019 admission response from GO(contains rank & score of students admitted into tier 1 institute) :
  3. Although you said you want to get into top IITs, if you need, you can take a look on cut off of top NITs as well :
  4. GO “Score to college predictor” :

Though this is not the official source of cut offs of various institutes, it is very accurate and it will give you good idea of what colleges you can get.

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