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Welcome to GATE CSE Doubts, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community.
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What should be the preference order in between nitk csis, nitc cse, iiita it and nitrkl cse with respect to placements?
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1 Answer

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Always choose location based institutions !!

Major tech hubs provide good placements for cse and it!!


Bangalore (the silicon valley of india) always good for cse and it.

Even other college students get placed here so as per me, NIT surathkal would be 1st pick!!


Then , Hyderabad (home for around around 1000 it companies) So my 2nd pick would be NIT Warangal !!


Trichy (at par with iits) NIT trichy by far the best nit good and huge campus equally far from Bangalore and Chennai.

Placements are really really good here!!!


Fests are also great!!! NIT Calicut!!!


A big name among nits has also good placements and opportunities for cse department and labs are also too good here!! NIT Nagpur!!


As we know Maharashtra is 2nd biggest tech hub so opportunities are great here too!! NIT Rourkela though placement is not at par with these colleges but teaching is too good with decent packages!!


NIT Allahabad!!! A good option After this no one cares!!!


Almost all are same try to avoid north east, Srinagar, mandi and other low end nits !! 

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Obviously 4th one which is NIT Calicut which has quite good professors at least for CSE. After this I don't know any good one which admit direct via GATE score.
It is much better to give IIIT, BITS, ISI, IIST and other exams. If you just want a degree name for marriage or state govt. job purpose -- you don't need to care for ranking anyway.... 





Placements here are good compared to other NITs, and the placement rate is more than 90%. The highest salary package offered is 40 LPA, but for computer sciences, the overall average salary package offered is 17 LPA. For civil, the average salary package offered will be 9 LPA… 



Overall, the institute achieved a 73.55% placement record. The maximum CTC offered to the PG students was INR. 34.26 LPA, while the average CTC stood at INR. 11.53 LPA.…


NIT Calicut Placement 2020 Highlights. 



The institute recorded a 96% placement, as 120 companies offered job opportunities to the students. With regards to the Salary packages, the average CTC witnessed a tremendous growth INR 15.5 LPA in 2019 to INR 20.83 LPA in 2020.

This year, IIIT Allahabad recorded its highest ever CTC of INR. 43 LPA. Average CTC: INR 20.83 LPA Highest CTC: INR. 43 LPA % of Placement: 96% ….