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Welcome to GATE CSE Doubts, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community.
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I got BITS ME CSE Hyderabad Campus in BITS HD 2021. How is it in terms of placements? How does it compare to NIT Calicut (CSIS), NIT Surathkal (IT) and IIIT A (IT)? I know the fee of BITS is very high but is it worth it? Because I think I can get NIT C (CSIS) or NITK (IT) in the additional rounds. I’m confused as to which of these options would be better.
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2 Answers

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I got BITS ME CSE Hyderabad Campus in BITS HD 2021.

How is it in terms of placements ..

If you’re sitting for placements in BITS Hyderabad, I would advice you to sit in the first semester.

Most of the Computer Science batch got placed during the dream week itself in companies like Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart, Microsoft, Practo and Morgan Stanley....

Once you are done with it, you have the rest of the semester to enjoy.

Even if you don’t get placed in the first week (which can happen but as long as you’ve used the one month before placement season judiciously, you don’t need to worry about), if you work on the mistakes you made during first week, you will definitely get through in the next week of placements.


Since I opted for two semesters PS, I had just one week to get placed and that too in the second semester. Second semester is not nearly as good as the first. It was frustrating seeing companies taking barely one or two students per day.

Many of my friends who were in a similar position as me had to take permission from their PS stations and extend their leave so they could stay back for another week to get placed.

Even then, there were people who had to keep coming back during their internships because it was taking so long for companies to come. And trust me, when you’re in that situation, each day that you go unplaced feels like hell.

Even though the same companies do come in the second semester (some of them come after the dream week also), they don’t take as many people as they did earlier. If you have a CG of above 7.5, sit in the first semester, get placed in 2-3 days and enjoy your last few months on campus like a boss.

The average placements of BITS Hyd CSE were about 24 LPA in the year 2020–2021....

@asqwer Should one not opt for PS then?

If a student appears for placement in the 1st sem but fails to b placed. Will he b allowed to appear in the 2nd sem placements as well?
Thank you for ur help.


If a student appears for placement in the 1st sem but fails to b placed. Will he b allowed to appear in the 2nd sem placements as well? …


Even if you fail in a subject or two for two semesters or more, if you have the requisite percentage of marks/GPA (say, above 60% overall or 6.5 ) and have all papers cleared before you sit for placements, companies will hire you if they find you to their requirements and liking.

However, whether you are eligible to sit for placement or not also depends on the company’s recruitment policy.


There are some companies which allow only the top 5 or top 10 from a batch to sit for placement, or only those whose GPA is above a certain threshold value, or those who have never had a backlog in the duration of the course. Barring these few snobbish ones, you can sit for most other companies, which may provide equally attractive packages.

Even for the snobbish companes, the eligibility criteria is often negotiated to a reasonable outcome by the Training and Placement Officer of the college (used to happen at mine).

So there is nothing to be disheartened about. What most companies seek are dynamic individuals who would be profitable to the company in the long run. So if you have a company in mind, you should start preparing yourself for it. Developing a good aptitude is a must, and having little bit of technical knowledge always helps.

But marks or backlogs do not matter as such. You only need a decent GPA or marks to be eligible, rest is entirely upon you how you sell your strengths and your weaknesses....





I’m sorry, but what I wanted to ask was, suppose a student sits for the placements in the 1st sem but he doesn’t get placed in 1st sem. In that case will he be allowed to sit for placements in the 2nd sem also?



Batchmate 1:

He was an average student in the class. He didn’t even have a degree of 6 CGPA. His actual degree was of 5.97 CGPA. During the final year, When companies started their campus recruitments, he only wanted to get a job so that he could start his career.

He didn’t have high hopes of cracking big offers. 7th sem started and students start getting placed but didn't even qualify to sit in the aptitude rounds as his Overall CGPA was below 6. He started getting frustrated and thought that he could make it in next sem.

He studied hard in next semester and increased his CGPA to above 6, but destiny was not in his favor, not more than 3 companies came to the college and all 3 were big giants and to qualify for the aptitude round, you had to have a CGPA of 7.5. He got depressed and lost his interest in Engineering.

But he didn't loose hope of getting a job. He started preparing for govt. Jobs. After completing the graduation successfully, he prepared by himself for Bank exams and after 2 years of preparation and attempts he got placed in Bank of Baroda as an Assistant Manager and he is right now earning more than anyone from our batch.


everyone has skills, the only thing we need is a chance....


Batchmate 2:

She was one of the scholars of our class. Her degree is of an above 8 CGPA and she was one of the favorites of faculties. Her dream was to get a good job and start the career with a bang. 7th sem started, she prepared for aptitude, PI and other stuff, but didn't even crack a single written round of any company.

Students Started getting placed and she started judging her skills and talent. She started getting depressed. After the completion of the degree, she tried govt exams too but it all vain. But she didn't loose hope and started teaching in a local college for daily earnings, and started doing Mtech from that college too. Right now she is working as an assistant professor .


sometimes it is important to wait for the right time...

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How does it compare to NIT Calicut (CSIS), NIT Surathkal (IT) and IIIT A (IT)?   


NIT Calicut (CSIS)  


Mtech-CSE in NIT Calicut is worth joining. NIT Calicut is one of the best NITs in India. I was a student of the CSE-Information Security in 2021 batch.

I am currently working in SAP Labs Bangalore and I got placed in the same from the college itself. As far as I remember, there were only two branches for MTech in CSE. 1) MTech-CSE 2) MTech CSE-Information Security (IS) .

If Mtech-IT is a new branch in CSE then I am not sure what is the situation for that. However, about Placements and companies, there are a few points which you need to keep in mind. Companies and criteria keep changing every year. Few companies do not hire Mtech people at all, they only want BTech people.


There is quite a number of companies visit every year with good package. (Still less than NIT Surathkal) If your goal is to get placed in a really good company then better to work on CGPA. Companies have a very strict cut-off on that too. Maintain a very good relationship with placement co-ordinator and professor. 2nd year is all about the project and placement so sooner you get placed, more you can focus on your project.


Companies did not use to come day-wise like other good colleges - one company can visit today and the other may visit after 15 days also, you will be informed accordingly in advance - so it can take a few weeks before you get placed which can be hectic and pressurised. Professors and their way of teaching are really nice. Study wise you will have no problem there. ...  


The highest CTC stood at INR. 49.75 LPA which was bagged by the students from the B. Tech. CSE department. ...


NIT Calicut Placement 2020 Highlights. Number of Companies 133 Overall Average CTC INR. 11.58 LPA Overall Median CTC INR. 8.91 LPA Total No. of Internships 151 Number of Internships UG: - 116 ............…


NIT Surathkal (IT)  


Placements of NIT Surathkal IT is excellent and it showing great progress from previous years

This year NITK Surathkal Information Technology (IT) placements statistics are - Highest International Package - Rs. 84 lakhs per annum by Google (PPO) Second Highest International Package - Rs. 50 lakhs per annum by Artifact Highest domestic package - Rs. 51.50 lakhs per annum by ATALISIAN Banglore

Second Highest domestic package - Rs. 43.33 lakhs per annum by Microsoft Hyderabad Placement percentage - 100% Average package - Rs. 22 lakhs per annum Median package - Rs. 17.06 lakhs per annum Total No. of companies visited - 286 Top


Recruiters -

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, Goldman Sachs, Deshaw, Atlassian, Uber, Cisco, Adobe, Sprinkler, Morgan Stanley, Myntra, Intuit and many more..   ............



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