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Given a LR grammar {S->A|B, A->Aa|epsilon, B->Bb|Sc|epsilon} can I solve it in following way?
1) S->A|Bb|Sc|epsilon (Placing B’s productions in S)
=> AS' | BbS' | epsilon & S'->cS' | epsilon
2) A->A' & A'->aA' | epsilon
3)B->ScB' | B' & B'->bB' | epsilon
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1 Answer

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For LL(1) You have to check by using First and Follow method.

For LR(0) and SLR(1) you have to do augmented transition method, and then by making state transition diagram, you have to look where Shift-Reduce and Reduce Reduce conflicts are present and according to that you've to eliminate the parser….

For LR(1) items such as CLR(1), LALR(1) you've to do again state transition diagram again using Look-Ahead....











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