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Welcome to GATE CSE Doubts, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community.
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To all the seniors, after joining the college for Mtech CSE what can I do in these initial months to prepare my self?

Do I practice coding/aptitude/read textbooks?

What kind of project do we have to work on? I have no idea about how to do any project since I didn't pay any attention in my b-tech, so I don't want to make that mistake again and prepare myself well this time.

What are some mistakes that you made we can learn from and what are some valuable suggestions you can give us?

Thank you for your help.
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However for first year student there are many useful advice I would like to give:

Don't become lazy and stay relaxed ever.

Always indulge yourself in one activity or other. Don't develop the mentality that now we are college so it's chilling time. Of course college studies are less but above mentality will certainly destroy you.

Focus on your academics. They are the things that truly matter. I would advise you to develop a good CGPA by the end of first year as successive years will only get harder and downfall is like 99% sure. Learn coding. If you never had a chance to study any languages start with C. Try solving online problems as many as you can.

There are various sites like CodeChef, Spoj, Hackerearth, Project Euler, Hackerrank etc.

Make good friends. Also be friend with someone who is smarter than you. That guy will always have something useful to say. Co-curriculum activities are good. Some of your seniors may advise that they are most important thing. Believe me it is not.

Academics is top priority. Co-curriculum are refreshment activities. Never miss classes.

Stay disciplined. Even missing one class might start chain reaction which will lead to not attending any of classes. Last but not the least, Stay away from cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. Many good students have screwed their lives consuming such substances.

Don't ever start with it. You should be strong enough to say NO....

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It would be better if you would have specified what kind of job you are looking for, whether a job for the post of software developer or software trainee or job for the post of software analyst or consultant etc.

Let me answer your question for both technical and non-technical posts. If you are looking for some technical posts in some decent company, then you need to have an average coding and technical skills. Such firms usually ask for aptitude, coding and technical and HR interviews.

If you are looking for some non-technical post then a good aptitude and communication skill is enough to have a job. Such firms usually ask for aptitude and HR interview. Now, for coding I would prefer you to learn C,C++ or Java. Learn any one language among these ,no need of learning all of them. I would suggest not to go for other languages like python because many companies wouldn't allow you to code in python.

They usually ask you to code in C, C++ or Java. Now, for the practice part For improving your coding skills, you may use hackerrank, hackerearth, spoj, codechef, codeforces etc.

Choose any one of these online platforms and stick on that, try to solve easy problems first and then go for medium, hard, advanced and expert level problems. For technical interview, geekforgeeks is the best site, there is hardly any question asked in technical interview outside geekforgeeks.

If you are not able to understand anything, then opt for stackoverflow. For aptitude problems, Arun Sharma for Quant or IndiaBix is the best. In some analytical companies HR interviews, they may even ask for puzzles and brain teasers, so practice puzzles from geekforgeeks, there are plenty of good puzzles on geekforgeeks....

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