kenneth h rosen chapter-1 section 1.1 propsitional logic excercise 1.1 question 23's d) and e)
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in d. and e. i have a doubt can anyone resolve it ?


d)It is necessary to walk 8 miles to get to the top of Long’s Peak.

if we compare with “a necessary condition for p is q“ so i think it would be “p-->q” so it is “if walk 8 miles, then get to top of long’s peak”. if this is not so how it should be “if u get to the top of Long's Peak then then you have to walk 8 miles”.

E)To get tenure as a professor, it is sufficient to be world-famous.

if compare with “p is sufficient for q” so here

p:to get tenure as a professor

q:to be world famous.

so it would be p→ q so (if get tenure as professor,then to be world famous)


please resolve this confusion

thank you
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