kenneth h rosen chapter 1 excercise 1.4 predicates ad quantifiers question 59 symbolic logic
in Mathematical Logic
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Exercises 59–62 are based on questions found in the book
Symbolic Logic by Lewis Carroll.
59. Let P (x), Q(x), and R(x) be the statements “x is a
professor,” “x is ignorant,” and “x is vain,” respectively.
Express each of these statements using quantifiers; log-
ical connectives; and P (x), Q(x), and R(x), where the
domain consists of all people.
a) No professors are ignorant.
b) All ignorant people are vain.
c) No professors are vain.
d) Does (c) follow from (a) and (b)

what is the soution of d) cause i did not understand what the d) says?
in Mathematical Logic
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