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Coaching (cname, city)

Travel (name, city)

Select from Travel T1 where Not Exist (Select FROM Coaching M where M.cname = “madeeasy”  EXCEPT  Select from Travel T2 where =

The above query returns the name of the person – 

  1. who have not travelled in any city where madeeasy is located.
  2. who have travelled in all city where madeeasy is located.
  3. who have travelled in at least one city where madeeasy is located.
  4. who have not travelled in all city where madeeasy is located.

N.B – This is a 1 mark question.

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Ans given as B ?

yes, but how much time did you take & how to do it fast ???

see the not exist , when it will be true when the given part which is inside bracket is empty. Now try to make the inside  part empty and you will find out that it will be empty only when a person has travelled all the cities where Made easy is located.

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