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Question – In the best case, what is the minimum number of swaps are possible using Selection Sort Algorithm?

My Take – Best case –> means can we take input array as best case is mentioned – like already sorted Array (ascending or reverse sorted) array in both cases Selection Sort makes zero swaps i.e Ɵ(1) 

But I remember Arjun Sir once mentioned that – Best case for worst case Input. So, should we take unsorted array and like 213 and say minimum number of swaps selection sort can make is Ɵ(n)

Please help, I’m kinda confused.

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What do you "want" to mean by best case for worst case input? Cases are obviously for inputs afaik.
When the array is sorted, the number of swaps→ O(1)

When unsorted → O(n)
No matter whether the array is sorted or not but selection sort has to compare the element $e_i$ with all the elements of the array. So this comparison goes as like

= (n-1) comparision for $1^{st}$ element + (n-2) comparison for $2^{nd}$ element + $\dots + 2+1$

= $O(n^2)$

but number of swap will vary, as in best case it will be $O(1)$ but in worst case it will be $O(n)$ and when we find the complexity of sort so we have to consider both $\text{number of comparision + number of swaps}$

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