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The area of triangle is calculated by the formula \frac{1}{2} bc\text{ }sin A . If the angle A is measure 30^\circ with 1% error. Find the % error in area.

(A) \frac{\pi}{\sqrt{3}}

(B) \frac{\pi}{2\sqrt{3}}

(C) \frac{2\pi}{\sqrt{3}}

(D) \frac{\pi}{2}

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Let S denote area,



Given $\frac{\Delta A}{A}=0.01$

A=$\frac{\pi}{6} \implies \Delta A=0.01 \times \frac{\pi}{6}  $




Now we have :


$\implies \frac{ds}{S}=\frac{0.01 \times \frac{\pi}{6}}{tan30}=0.01 \times \sqrt 3 \times \frac{\pi}{6}$. To match an option maybe there is some approximation.
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