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Given an array, Find the 1st & 2nd largest element with min. no. of comparison??

answer is n-1 + logn – 1  = n + logn – 2

here tournament tree is used.Now I’m having doubt that after finding Largest element in (n-1) comparison, how can we find 2nd largest in (logn – 1) time???

anyone please explain.

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What is the source of this question ?
How can you close this question without replying?
Sir, actually my doubt was a silly doubt.

I realized that.( about t.c of finding 2 minimums by tournament tree)

That's why I closed it
I know you understood "how second minimum takes log n time only" by reading tifr question.

But my comment is what is the source of this question? You didn't reply for that even after seeing.
extremely sorry
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