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Give an algorithm that determines whether or not a given undirected graph G=(V,E) contains a cycle. Your algorithm should run in $O(V)$ time, independent of E.


If there’s a back edge, there’s a cycle. If there’s no back edge, there are only tree edges.  Hence, the graph is acyclic.
Thus, we can run DFS: if we find a back edge, there’s a cycle.

My doubt is how to manage this in $O(V)$ time ?

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Already have that. You just give a little explanation about the complexity either from the link you provided or self explanation. Getting little difficulty to get that. Thank you.
In simple terms, undirected connected graph which doesn't have cycles, should be a tree.

For Tree, edges=nodes-1

So, your dfs = O(nodes+edges) =O(2nodes-1)= O(nodes)

If we ever see $|V |$ distinct edges, we must have seen a back edge because in an acyclic (undirected) forest, $|E| ≤ |V | − 1$.

@Shaik Masthan

Got it sir, Thankyou

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