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Welcome to GATE CSE Doubts, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community.
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Recent questions and answers in Other Colleges

0 votes
0 answers 29 views
I am getting Mtech in DTU. I wanted to know about the placement statistics for Mtech in DTU. Also, should I prepare for GATE 2022 along with Mtech in DTU or focus on Mtech and try to get good companies?
asked Jul 22 in Other Colleges curiousone 5 points 29 views
1 vote
2 answers 44 views
I got BITS ME CSE Hyderabad Campus in BITS HD 2021. How is it in terms of placements? How does it compare to NIT Calicut (CSIS), NIT Surathkal (IT) and IIIT A (IT)? I know the fee of BITS is very high but is it worth it? Because I think I can get NIT C (CSIS) or NITK (IT) in the additional rounds. I’m confused as to which of these options would be better.
answered Jul 15 in Other Colleges asqwer 633 points 44 views
0 votes
1 answer 37 views
I plan to apply for BITS via both mediums (GATE + BITS HD) for the following programmes – Computer Science Software Systems Embedded Systems So will I end up giving 3 different BITS HD test for each subject? What subject test will be applicable for Embedded systems in the BITS HD exam? Or am I misunderstanding the process?
answered Jul 15 in Other Colleges asqwer 633 points 37 views
0 votes
0 answers 24 views
Hi friends, I am a GATE 2021 Aspirant. My Gate exam didn't go as expected. I am planning of taking admission in Anna University(AU)/Madras Institute of Technology(MIT) both of them in Chennai. They both accept Gate score in addition to their own exam for M.Tech ... resources to get the TANCET PYQ's of recent years as I couldn't get recent years pyq's like 2020.2019 etc. Thanks in advance.
asked Feb 21 in Other Colleges MohanK 5 points 24 views
0 votes
1 answer 29 views
With the daily number of cases making records everyday (it was about 10.8k yesterday), do you think colleges will start their classes online? Because I do not see any decline in the number of cases. A college will have students traveling from other states. Will it not ... traveling will be an issue too since neither flight nor train is safe. I could really use some advice here. Thank you. :-)
answered Aug 15, 2020 in Other Colleges Arkaprava 867 points 29 views
0 votes
1 answer 24 views
Are there any FB or whatsapp groups for queries or discussion regarding the upcoming BITSHD Exam.
answered Aug 11, 2020 in Other Colleges SarathBaswa 855 points 24 views
0 votes
0 answers 18 views
i got 46.33 in gate 2020. will i get cse in dtu
asked Jul 11, 2020 in Other Colleges beastincarnate 5 points 18 views
0 votes
0 answers 19 views
Hello , I applied for DTU and completed my payment successful 4 days ago. But till now I didn't get any confirmation. And still they are showing 75% form is completed . What should I do?? Do anyone have same problem??
asked Jul 9, 2020 in Other Colleges omkarjoshi445 5 points 19 views
0 votes
0 answers 26 views
I would want to know what my options are as I have secured 566 score and the rank is around 2.4k. Should I take a drop or should keep applying for IIITs and BITS. Especially for BITS which would be through GATE score. Is there any chance given that I come from OBC category.
asked Mar 23, 2020 in Other Colleges youknowwho2403 5 points 26 views
0 votes
0 answers 30 views
It would be helpful if someone can give an idea about the things to prepare and books to refer before attending the interview.Thank you.
asked Feb 13, 2020 in Other Colleges aeaswar81 5 points 30 views
0 votes
0 answers 32 views
As BITS Started admissions through GATE score too from 2019, what is the min rank (or score) do i need to get in gate for getting BITS Pilani CS ? Thankyou.
asked Feb 1, 2020 in Other Colleges ramzno1 5 points 32 views
0 votes
0 answers 47 views
IIITH Mtech CS VS BITS Pilani CS Which will be better choice if placement is major concern and considering Practice school advantage of BITS ?
asked Jun 20, 2019 in Other Colleges jatin khachane 1 5 points 47 views
0 votes
0 answers 31 views
Is taking Admission to BITS PILANI for Mtech in CS worthy?
asked Jun 17, 2019 in Other Colleges Ritabrata Dey 49 points 31 views
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