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Recent questions tagged ccmt

1 vote
2 answers 44 views
I got BITS ME CSE Hyderabad Campus in BITS HD 2021. How is it in terms of placements? How does it compare to NIT Calicut (CSIS), NIT Surathkal (IT) and IIIT A (IT)? I know the fee of BITS is very high but is it worth it? Because I think I can get NIT C (CSIS) or NITK (IT) in the additional rounds. I’m confused as to which of these options would be better.
asked Jul 14 in Other Colleges jackwald 11 points 44 views
0 votes
1 answer 33 views
Please rank them in terms of placement (Mtech CSE) 1. VNIT Nagpur 2. NIT kurukshetra 3. NIT Rourkela
asked Aug 8, 2020 in NITs Shatakshi_mishra 5 points 33 views
0 votes
0 answers 28 views
I got IIIT Allahabad in round 1 of ccmt, in NSR round i have chances of getting NIT Warangal. Is it worth switching. Or i should go for iiit a. I am reside in Lucknow.
asked Jul 9, 2019 in NITs palash0810 5 points 28 views
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