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Recent questions tagged iiita

1 vote
2 answers 44 views
I got BITS ME CSE Hyderabad Campus in BITS HD 2021. How is it in terms of placements? How does it compare to NIT Calicut (CSIS), NIT Surathkal (IT) and IIIT A (IT)? I know the fee of BITS is very high but is it worth it? Because I think I can get NIT C (CSIS) or NITK (IT) in the additional rounds. I’m confused as to which of these options would be better.
asked Jul 14 in Other Colleges jackwald 11 points 44 views
0 votes
1 answer 33 views
What should be the preference order in between nitk csis, nitc cse, iiita it and nitrkl cse with respect to placements?
asked Jun 29 in Written Exam sj81 5 points 33 views
0 votes
1 answer 115 views
Is this NIRF data reliable? It shows that the median salary of NIT Trichy as around 8LPA and its similar for IIT Bombay. Also ... - Allahabad. I'm mostly looking at the colleges based on placement. Which college would be better and why? Also, any other suggestions?
asked Mar 23, 2020 in NITs lumos 7 points 115 views
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