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Recent questions tagged regular

0 votes
0 answers 9 views
can we make DFA for a language where there is comparion between symbols but lanuage is finite a^nb^n;n<=3
asked Jun 8 in Theory of Computation promise 5 points 9 views
0 votes
1 answer 44 views
Can the following grammar: L = $\{a^mb^n, n>=3, m<=4\}$ be written as the concatenation of 2 languages L = L1 . L2 where, L1 = $\{a^n, n>=3\}$ and L2 = $\{b^m, m<=4\}$
asked Sep 9, 2019 in Theory of Computation Siddharth Thevaril 5 points 44 views
0 votes
2 answers 85 views
“If a grammar is regular then it is unambigious” is this true /false?
asked Aug 28, 2019 in Theory of Computation Doraemon 69 points 85 views
0 votes
1 answer 31 views
Let L be regular language, and let Half(L) be: Half(L)={u∣uv∈L such that |u|=|v|} . Prove that if L is regular then Half(L) is regular too.
asked Jul 29, 2019 in Theory of Computation Arnabh Gangwar 23 points 31 views
0 votes
2 answers 29 views
Suppose L1 is a regular language and L2 is a Context-free language. As all regular languages are context-free languages, L1 can be considered as Context-free language. L1 $\cap$ L2 would become <Context-free> $\cap$ <Context-free>. We know that Context free ... lot of places where regular is considered as Context-free and the problems were solved but for this case the result seems to be wrong.
asked Jul 20, 2019 in Theory of Computation commenter commenter 11 points 29 views
0 votes
1 answer 65 views
Consider the production grammar S→AB | AS A→a | aA B→b Which of the following regular expressions corresponding to the production grammar?
asked Jul 17, 2019 in Theory of Computation kshubham538 -31 points 65 views
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