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Welcome to GATE CSE Doubts, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community.

Recent questions tagged self-doubt

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0 answers 33 views
A PC-relative mode branch instruction is 3 bytes long. The address of the instruction in decimal is 342038. What is the branch address, if the base and index register contains the value 480220 and 9 respectively (Assume base with index addressing mode is used) Answer key says 480198, why?
asked Mar 3 in CO & Architecture Nitinkumar.097 13 points 33 views
1 vote
1 answer 31 views
The greatest number that divides 215,167 and 135 so as to leave the same remainder in each case What is the approach to solve such questions #gate2022
asked Mar 1 in Numerical Ability ijnuhb 747 points 31 views
1 vote
1 answer 42 views
I am no able to prove if the following grammar is ambiguous. G=({S,A,B},{A,B},P,S} P: S->aAB|bBA A->bS|a B->aS|b Can some one help me prove it?
asked Mar 1 in Theory of Computation ritikagupta8734 11 points 42 views
1 vote
0 answers 30 views
Consider the following Boolean valued function on n Boolean variables: f(x1, ,xn)=x1+⋯+xn(mod 2), where addition is over integers, mapping FALSE' to 0 and TRUE' to 1. Consider Boolean circuits (with no feedback) that use only logical AND and OR gates, and where each gate has two input bits, each ... n) is : 2^o(logn) n^c, for some fixed constant c n^ω(1), but n^O(logn) 2^Θ(n) None of the others
asked Feb 28 in Digital Logic harleenkaur 9 points 30 views
1 vote
0 answers 18 views
1) Time complexity to construct a Binary tree when inorder and preorder/postorder traversal of the tree is given. a) if inorder sorted b) if inorder is not sorted. 2) If construct Binary tree when pre-order and postorder to the tree is given. .....… My answer: 1 a) O( nlogn) 1 b) O(nlogn) 2) O(2^n) Please check and correct Thanks
asked Feb 27 in Algorithms Hradesh patel 9 points 18 views
0 votes
0 answers 20 views
Hello sir/mam, Today I've been told by our sir that we can write into ROM. Is that specified for mobile ROM or Computer ones or none of them please do clarify my doubt!
asked Feb 27 in Databases Sai Manognya 5 points 20 views
0 votes
0 answers 11 views
I was trying to install an auto-complete package for c++ in sublime text 3 but was unable to do so if anyone has any prior experience please help me….
asked Feb 26 in Object Oriented Programming fahad1247 5 points 11 views
1 vote
0 answers 35 views
Consider a binomial experiment of flipping a biased coin five times with probability of head ,p=0.75 and probability of tail q=0.25 in each flip. What is the probability that last two flips will be heads if the first three flips are known to be tails ?
asked Feb 25 in Probability rapidxy 9 points 35 views
1 vote
1 answer 24 views
What is degree of Self Referential Relationship? Unary or Binary?
asked Feb 24 in Databases adas7099 9 points 24 views
3 votes
3 answers 59 views
Q. R(A,B,C,D,E,F) with {A,BC,CD} candidate keys.How many super keys possible?
asked Feb 23 in Databases Enolx.21 53 points 59 views
0 votes
0 answers 37 views
#include<stdio.h> int main() { char *s[] = { "knowledge","is","power"}; char **p; p = s; printf("%s ", ++*p); printf("%s ", *p++); printf("%s ", ++*p); return 0; }
asked Feb 21 in Programming Sur_1611 5 points 37 views
0 votes
0 answers 22 views
Hi friends, I am a GATE 2021 Aspirant. My Gate exam didn't go as expected. I am planning of taking admission in Anna University(AU)/Madras Institute of Technology(MIT) both of them in Chennai. They both accept Gate score in addition to their own exam for M.Tech ... resources to get the TANCET PYQ's of recent years as I couldn't get recent years pyq's like 2020.2019 etc. Thanks in advance.
asked Feb 21 in Other Colleges MohanK 5 points 22 views
0 votes
0 answers 18 views
Hi, my concepts regarding cache memory is weak. Please let me know that where (book or online source) to read Cache memory concepts ? If you have any knowledge about it please share ? Please try to share only standard sources.
asked Feb 17 in CO & Architecture beta 5 points 18 views
1 vote
0 answers 314 views
Hello I am a third year student. I had been a GATE aspirant since first year of my B Tech. I had strategy of slowly studying the standard textbooks for each subject in depth and then viewing the online video lectures of a so called god father of CSE (I won't name anyone) such that I ... -----------------------------------∓ Thanking you all in anticipation. Looking for some really helping responses
asked Feb 17 in GATE Shinichi_Kudo 13 points 314 views
1 vote
0 answers 21 views
Can we generate different parsing table for grammar
asked Feb 14 in Compiler Design SHWETA RAO 9 points 21 views
1 vote
0 answers 25 views
Consider a database implemented using B+ tree for file indexing and installed on a disk drive with block size of 4 KB. The size of search key is 12 bytes and the size of tree/disk pointer is 8 bytes. Assume that the database has one million records. Also ... that each record fits into one disk block. The minimum number of disk accesses required to retrieve any record in the database is ______.
asked Feb 13 in Databases Enolx.21 53 points 25 views
0 votes
1 answer 45 views
is mod 1 counter possible?
asked Feb 12 in Digital Logic Arpit Somani 5 points 45 views
0 votes
1 answer 28 views
Maximum value of fragment offset in IP4
asked Feb 12 in Computer Networks valerie21 5 points 28 views
0 votes
0 answers 25 views
How to know when to use simultaneous average time formula and when to use hierarchical average time formula for the calculation of tavg questions?
asked Feb 10 in CO & Architecture Abhipsa 17 points 25 views
0 votes
0 answers 21 views
Can anybody please make me understand what's the relationship among implications in proposition logic and statements such as 1. Necessarily but not sufficient 2. Sufficient but not necessary 3. Sufficient as well as necessary 4. Neither sufficient nor necessary ( although I am skeptical about this specific ... is same as p <--> q If p is neither sufficient nor necessary is the same as ! (p <--> q)
asked Feb 9 in Mathematical Logic s_dr_13 15 points 21 views
0 votes
1 answer 47 views
I understand that the language L = {a^m b^n c^k|(m=n)or(n=k)} is CFL because it can be represented as the union of L1 = {a^m b^m c^k} and L2 = {a^m b^k c^k} which are both CFL's. But I can't figure out the working of the PDA accepting L. To check (m=n), first of all ... will be empty meaning (m=n) or (m-n) a's or (n-m) b's will remain in the stack meaning (m!=n). How can we check for (n=k) now?
asked Feb 6 in Theory of Computation shantanu4raje 25 points 47 views
0 votes
0 answers 15 views
I have read rules of supernetting from a few sources and have got conflicting information. this (3:20) , this and this say that the rules are: 1.All the Networks should be contiguous. 2.The block size of every networks should be equal and must be in form of 2^ ... in power of 2 and first address being divisible by "number of blocks" in the supernet. What is going wrong? Am I missing something?
asked Feb 5 in Computer Networks shantanu4raje 25 points 15 views
0 votes
0 answers 14 views
Why dirty read ? Here T2 was commited after the T1....what about the option c?
asked Feb 5 in Databases Enolx.21 53 points 14 views
0 votes
0 answers 49 views
Consider the following problems and select the problem which is recursively enumerable but not recursive. (MSQ type) 1 . Whether a given Turing machine accepts non-empty language. 2. Whether a given Turing machine accepts finite language . 3. Whether a given Turing machine accepts at most 10 strings 4. Whether a given Turing machine accepts at least 10 strings.
asked Feb 4 in Theory of Computation gajendercse 41 points 49 views
0 votes
1 answer 62 views
If there are n bits available for subnet, how many sub-nets are possible ?
asked Feb 2 in Computer Networks valerie21 5 points 62 views
0 votes
1 answer 49 views
asked Feb 2 in Databases Enolx.21 53 points 49 views
0 votes
0 answers 31 views
The complemment of the language {wwww|w is in ([email protected]+$)*} is Regular CSL but not CFL CFL CSL Answer Can someone please explain how this language is CFL ?
asked Feb 1 in Theory of Computation Sam_Gate21 5 points 31 views
0 votes
0 answers 25 views
What is the Half Carry in the addition of the two n-bit binary numbers? Suppose two numbers are 00000010 and 00000011 . What is the value of the Half Carry?
asked Jan 28 in CO & Architecture Shu_b_ham007 5 points 25 views
0 votes
0 answers 52 views
Hi Guys, I am working int IT and have 5 years of experience in QA domain. I just started preparing for Gate 2022 as i don't see much scope in my domain and wanted to pursue masters from IIT so that i can get better opportunities. Please help me it is wise to do Masters from IIT with 6 -7 years of experience and does it creates any problems in placements. Suggestions are welcome
asked Jan 27 in Others ankeshsingh 5 points 52 views
0 votes
0 answers 20 views
What is the proper definition for closed and open hashing? They seem to be used interchangeably in the following two questions Consider a hash table of size seven, with starting index zero, and a hash function (3x+4)mod7(3x+4)mod7. Assuming the hash table ... using the same table and methods like probing and double hashing. Right now I am just assuming that whenever linear probing to used closed.
asked Jan 27 in Algorithms raving_sajeev 5 points 20 views
0 votes
0 answers 56 views
I have marked questions as read and it does nothing. It doesn't get highlighted or get archived. Edit : No one has answered this question. So I am updating with details. This is a question Now I have marked it as read Now it doesn't get highlighted as it ... the GO video Please @zxy123 , @StoneHeart, @Satbir, @Arjun sir. Is this feature only available to verified users? If so, please let me know.
asked Jan 25 in Others neel19 7 points 56 views
1 vote
0 answers 40 views
Void f(int n) { if(n<=1) return; f(n-1); f(n-1); } Q.1 ) what is total no of recursive calls in f(n) ? Q.2 ) what is the total no of calls in f(n) ?
asked Jan 24 in Algorithms Enolx.21 53 points 40 views
0 votes
0 answers 20 views
#Self Doubt When Space complexity is asked in GATE exam , should we consider only the extra space ( auxiliary space ) that is needed or both the extra space & space required for input As per my understanding we need to take only extra but in Geek For Geeks / other ... both.Belowe is the link Link: Please confirm with respect to gate exam point of view.
asked Jan 24 in Programming RohitRo45 5 points 20 views
0 votes
0 answers 18 views
i am amble to solve pyq but i am not scoring good marks in test series . i am only getting 30 to 40 marks . so i have doubt the i will score good marks in exam or not . only 20 days are remaining for exam . please give your suggestion how to utilize these 20 days and how to handle fear ?
asked Jan 23 in GATE Anuragcse15 5 points 18 views
0 votes
1 answer 13 views
How can we bookmark the questio we already have done in the go pyq booklet,and how to see my recent activity so that i can revise the question which are haa
asked Jan 23 in Others sheikh haji 5 points 13 views
0 votes
0 answers 28 views
Hello everyone, I am currently final year student in tier 3 college, I paid moderate attention to my studies during my first 2 years so my aggregate CGPA is down to 6. I am interested in AL/ML domain but it's really hard to find job and I think if I will ... browsing and I read so much good stuff about it so please help me through this problem so I can prepare clearly. Thank you for reading!
asked Jan 22 in GATE jp2373 5 points 28 views
0 votes
0 answers 10 views
can a schedule cascade Rollback and still be not recoverable. I mean if transactions can rollback then shouldn't it be recoverable? (self answering) I think it is only possible in one scenario wherein if we consider a schedule(system of multiple transactions) ... I think only option 1 and 2 are correct.
asked Jan 18 in Databases reboot 5 points 10 views
0 votes
0 answers 17 views
How decision making is done in Lisp?
asked Jan 17 in Mathematical Logic Vikash40203 5 points 17 views
0 votes
1 answer 23 views
Can we claim that Left recursive grammar is equivalent to left linear grammar or vice versa ? left linear grammar is of the form V VT* , here looking at the production rule it is seen that V (non terminal) is left recursively called in its prodution rule.
asked Jan 17 in Theory of Computation dexter_n 5 points 23 views
0 votes
0 answers 10 views
Given the following statements: S1: A foreign key declaration can always be replaced by an equivalent check assertion in SQL. S2: Given the table R(a,b,c)R(a,b,c) where aa and bb together form the primary key, the following is a valid table definition. CREATE TABLE S ... TRUE Both S1 and S2 are FALSE FOREIGN KEY (a) references R) . Does this line mean that it references the first attribute of R?
asked Jan 17 in Databases Abhilash Behera 5 points 10 views